Applying AI for Business Outcome


Applying AI for Improving Business

An Adaptive case study

by LN Mishra, Principal BA, Adaptive US

Artificial intelligence allows organizations to do lots of activities which was considered to be the prerogative of only human beings. With increased affordable computing power, it is possible today for computers to decipher lot of information which was only possible through very expensive machines. Organizations obviously should take advantage of artificial intelligence to improve their products and services.

In this article, I am going to describe our efforts in utilizing artificial intelligence to increase our product portfolio and the kind of challenges we faced when we faced during our AI project.

As a knowledge driven organisation, we have a lot of content made in our primary language, English but then we realized that business analysis is not limited to the world of English alone there are business analyst In practically every conceivable language such as German Spanish French Italian Chinese Japanese Korean name a country which does not speak English as a primary language they would be using their own mother town for creating software so be at the back to you decided to utilise the Google translation services to create

product in other languages so our first attempt to us to convert one of our popular books which is on requirements engineering of course one has to be sure that the translation that you doing is accurate so what we attempted is an interesting thought to be good translate from English to Spanish and translate to Spanish version back to English and if the English version and the translated English version match then we understand that the translation to Spanish has been fairly acceptable level but the challenge that we faced was with respect to images because artificial intelligence has not reached the level where if you have text on an image it can actually process the emails directly so for that reason what we attempted is to provide the text on top of the image so that the original English text is hidden and it’s hidden in a textbox which is written by and by doing that we got the images easily converted from current English version to any other language that we would like to handle so stay tuned in about a month time we would have at least 325 publications on business analysis and in Spanish and other languages a first attempt has been to get something done in German and then probably look at other languages.

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