ECBA Exam Prep Tips

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) recently introduced the much awaited entry level certification for business analysts, Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA).

ECBA certification comes with many innovative features!
The first one being it doesn’t require any experience to appear for the exam. So any professional who is keen to learn about business analysis and get certified as a business analyst, ECBA is the perfect certification to look for.

Secondly ECBA cost is also much lower in terms of certification a fee which is less than half of CCBA certification and CBAP certification. Thirdly one can take the ECBA Certification examination from one’s own home so you don’t have to go to any place to appear for the exam. IIBA does not mandate in instructor led training. So professionals with some business analysis experience can possibly try to take the exam on their own.

All this has led to significant interest in ECBA over last few months. Now how does one get ready for ECBA certification? Two essential components that you must master ECBA are:

Clarity on the concepts of BABoK
Attempt sufficient preparatory questions.
Although IIBA allows one to take the exam without any classroom training, it will be really hard to understand the new BABoK without help of an expert instructor. BABoK V3 is 500+ pages long and quiet complex to follow. An expert instructor can help you to understand BABoK v3 very quickly. We strongly recommendation you to go for an instructor led ECBA Course.

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