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I’ve just completed the CBAP certification preparation course. The course was comprehensive, with lots of practical examples & tips to help you get through. The sessions are interactive which helps cement your learning. The courses are recorded, so you can revise any topic you like. Lastly, there’s plenty of practice exams to test your knowledge & confirm what areas you need to review. A great course to prepare for CBAP certification.

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Ben Mercer
Senior Business Analyst RemServ/Brisbane/Australia

I used only Adaptive Processes materials to prepare for my ECBA and CCBA exams, both of which I passed on my first try. I will certainly use their materials to prepare for my CBAP exam.

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Amy Bretherick Gangl
Business Systems Analyst II Turkey Hill Dairy (Kroger)/Lancaster, Pennsylvania Area/USA

Great! I’ve bought ECBA test bank and I’ve passed the exam without any problem! Totally recommend

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Mariana de Albuquerque Veloso Machado

Adaptive was instrumental in my passing the ECBA exam. LN was an amazing instructor who took the time to teach us the skills, but how to apply them. He filled the classes with practical examples, made an interactive learning environment, and challenged us as we tackled the material. I wouldn’t have passed had it not been for Adaptive and LN.

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Sarah Beasley
Business Process Analyst West Safety Services/Longmont, Colorado/United States

Highly recommend this company for your Business Analysis training needs. Exposure to their confluence of BABOK and “real world” experience proved most valuable with my exam preparations.

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Aaron Sacharow
IT Project Manager Seminole Gaming Administation/ Hollywood, Florida/USA

I have been searching for a way to get certified in Business Analytics for a long time. I have taken courses in the past but no one offers the breadth of knowledge, resources, and support like Adaptive Process has. I have only been in the program for a few months and I am already a certified ECBA and I am getting ready to go for the CCBA within the next week. They always respond to my questions in a timely manner, no matter what time of day it is, and they are proactive in sharing resources that help you get prepared for the exams. I recommend this program wholeheartedly to any person looking to achieve certification from the IIBA. Adaptive Process Rocks!!! #5stars

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​Lawrance Smith
ECBA Business Analyst / Econolec Electric Company /New Jersey/USA



Peter Johnson, CBAP
Peter Johnson, CBAP

30+ years as a BA
Part of BABoK V3 author team
Part of CBAP V3 Exam Committee
Founder of IIBA New Jersey Chapter

LN Mishra, CBAP
LN Mishra, CBAP

24+ years as a BA
Part of BABoK V3 Exam Committee
Author of 20+ BA books
200+ CBAP Workshops
Mentored 140+ CBAPs world-wide

Lora McCoy, CBAP
Lora McCoy, CBAP

20+ years as a BA
Regional Director ,  IIBA Central Americas
President, IIBA Oklahoma Chapter
Conference speaker
Practicing BA consultant

Adaptive SuXeed

World’s Most Comprehensive BA Learning Platform

What is IIBA ?

International Institute of Business Analysis world’s most recognized business analysis professional body in the world with 30000+ members.

CBAP Certification Training

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is the 3rd level business analysis certification provided by IIBA. This is world’s most recognized certification in the world.

CCBA Certification Training

Certification of Competency in Business Analysis Professional (CCBA) is the 2nd level business analysis certification provided by IIBA. This is applicable to business analysts who have 2 to 3 years’ experience in business analysis.

ECBA Certification Training

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is the 1st  level business analysis certification provided by IIBA. This is applicable to anyone who wants to learn about business analysis.

What are the benefits of the IIBA certification ?

  • Better salaries
  • Designation recognized by international governing body
  • Non-industry specific designation
  • Growing trend in BA job opportunities
  • Significant career opportunities

How do I take up IIBA certifications ?

Write to so that we can guide you for the same.

Can I have a demo class access ?

Please register in and request for a demo.

What are various products Adaptive has in business analysis area ?

Adaptive US Inc. provides CBAP, CCBA, ECBA online trainings, question banks, study guides, simulators, flash cards, audio books, digital learning packs across the globe. Adaptive US Inc. is the only training organization to offer success guarantee and all-inclusive plans for its workshops.

When and where are the courses conducted ?

All our workshops are virtual online sessions. Please refer to the training calendar published in the website for fees, and dates of the training.

What are the additional benefits of registering with Adaptive ?

  • Near 100% success rate for IIBA certifications
  • Question Bank with 450 IIBA model questions for all participants
  • Adaptive US is a Premier Education Partner of IIBA, see the listing here
  • Complimentary e-learning on Business Analysis skills based on BABOK to all participants
  • Preparation help and guidance by experienced CBAP certified faculty
  • IIBA Endorsed programs
  • World’s finest BA trainers
  • Excellent participant feedback

Please provide the instructor profiles and details of their experience

Please refer to our page for knowing more about our instructors.

What kind of discounts Adaptive offers ?

Yes. If you register with payment before the early bird offer date then you are eligible for the early bird discount.

What are the key benefits of becoming a member of IIBA

  • Discounted fee for the IIBA certification examinations
  • Access to 300+ books including BABoK V3
  • Local, national and international networking opportunities
  • Access to IIBA Webinars a range of professional development topics

Can I see the list of participants who have completed IIBA certifications from Adaptive ?