Our Experts



Peter Johnson –

Part of BABoK v2 and V3 Author Team

Part of BABoK v2 and V3 Exam Committee

Founder of IIBA New Jersey Chapter

30+ years of working experience as a Business Analyst

Peter is a Certified Business Analysis Professional with over 34 years of experience spanning across geographies and verticals.

He has worked in varied roles covering Business Analysis, BPM and BPI and Director of IT systems as well as product marketing. He has mentored and trained many professionals in shaping their career.

Significant Business Analysis Responsibilities:

• VP Founding member IIBA New Jersey Chapter

• Team lead for the Practitioner’s Review of BABOK v3 draft.

• Actively involved in the exam questions review committee for new ‘Level 3’    certification program.

• A versatile trainer and speaker at conferences such as BA World, BA South Africa,    and BBC.

• Exposed to a broad array of business challenges and cultures through consulting,    training and speaking engagements in North America, Europe, India, South Africa,    Singapore, Hong Kong and Jamaica.

• Dedicated to learning and mentoring with regard to emerging    technologies,management styles, collaboration techniques, customer experience    design principles, capability maturity, complex problem resolution, business    modeling and organizational change.

Conference Speaker

• “BA to CA—Pushing the Boundaries from Business Analysis to Change Architecture”

• “Dynamic Business Case” presented at Business Analysis Symposium for Southern    Africa (BASSA) in Cape Town

• Business Analysis World in Washington DC, New York and Boston

• Agile Transformation Summit in Miami

• Building Business Capability in Las Vegas

• Rutgers University Professional Science Masters Program



Part of BABoK V3 Exam Committee

24+ years of working experience as a Business Analyst

Author of 20+ BA Books

Mentor to 160+ CBAP world wide

LN Mishra (LN) has 22+ years of professional experience in business analysis,
agile and IT GRC in consulting, guiding and mentoring 100+ global clients and 3000+ BAs

LN has authored 12 books on business analysis, requirements engineering, CBAP and CPRE.

LN is an avid blogger and writes regularly on Business analysis, Project management and process

Improvement topics from his practical experiences. LN is a great process improver and innovator and its

pleasure for the readers to read his short practical blogs.

LN has spoken at various industry bodies and conferences such as PMPC(Project Manager Practitioner

Conference) 2014, BA Convention 2013 along with many more industry meets.

LN was involved in multiple large system deployments such as large utility privatization project with

PWC, compliance system for Oman government, multiple large ERP implementation projects and color

data management system for AkzoNobel. LN holds management degree from IIM Ahmedabad and

Engineering degree in Electronics.


Lora McCoy, CBAP®

Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas Chapter

President, IIBA Oklahoma Chapter

20+ years of working experience as a Business Analyst

Lora McCoy is a Certified Business Analysis Professional with over 18 years of experience performing

Business Analysis skillset activities as well as Quality Assurance, Project Management and more. This

experience spans varying company sizes in multiple industries including Banking and Finance, Service

Management, Education, Retail and Oil and Gas. Her passion for helping others is evident in her passion

for the profession of Business Analysis. She is dedicated to both the profession and those who perform

the skillset for the profession.

She currently serves as the President for the Oklahoma City Chapter of the IIBA® where
she applies that passion to the local membership in the form of mentorship and knowledge sharing.

Lora is an active speaker at various industry meets and conferences like BA World Conference 2016, BA

World Conference 2015, BA World Conference 2014, Tulsa TechFest 2014, Women in IT etc.